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Glamour Group is a company registered in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates, was established in 2011, is a company engaged in importing, trading and turnkey projects contracting.

Our main activity is to supply and install our different range of products from major companies all over the world. Working together as a team, with full dedication, hard work and professionalism,

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our projects

Column Protection Padding

Khalifa School Al Jimi School Mubarak Bin Mohammed School Al Oula KG


Al Shaab Stadium in Sharjah FDF Sports Hall Al Shaab Stadium in Sharja

Safety Rubber Tiles

Modern Private School Al Ameen School Swehan Jogging Track Al Bidaya

Corner Guard Protection System

Al Nayfa KG Al Fayha'a KG Al Rudwan School Al Hedaya School Al
  • May 08 17


    Glamour Group has expanded! We are pleased to announce that we have new branch office locate ...more

  • Oct 01 18


    We are pleased to announce that we have moved to our new branch office located at Sheikh Zay ...more

why choose us?

To perform for our customers the highest level of quality products and services at fair and market

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In every dynamic space we create, we unite people with their surroundings that are filled with quality and workmanship.

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Glamour Group is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction.

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Glamour Group is committed to provide high quality products professionally to the satisfaction of our clients.

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Experienced professionals with a track record of successfully completing projects on-time and on-budget.

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Glamour Group is a strategic Building Material Supplier that delivers high quality product solutions above and beyond our clien ... more

quality policy

Glamour Group aims “to provide customer solutions, quality products and professional services”. The company recognize that quality and completion on time are key indicators of its performance and enhances its company’s reputation and increases its competitiveness in the market.

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